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The following is my personal rant about the latest operating system MacroShaft (Microsoft) has released. On a rather warm morning in October, October 25 to be exact, when the world of Geekdom was in mourning.  That day MacroShaft release the latest collection of bugs and glitches, and called it Windows xp. Despite it's appearance of Parker Brother's "My First Operating System," it is filled with availability to be even remotely cool; however, do not think it's going to be geeky. I spent hours, after loading my box, attempting to make Windows xp less end-user like and a little bit more like the windows we've all grown to know (notice no love mentioned).
Finally I couldn't take it, the operating system was trying to be TOOOOOOOOOOO "helpful" so I downloaded the power toys. I can't exactly tell you what to do with TweakUI for xp, because it is really up to you as an individual. The best thing to do is play with it and figure out what works best for you. The truth is all of these are best  decided on by  the user.  This is just a basic summation  of my personal experience with the OS.
First things I did I went through turning off any options that includes any talking paperclips, dogs or any creature wanting to help you. An example of an annoying-helper would be the dog on the search for files folder and any other thing you could EVER want to find in the world. Next I turned off the start menu that takes up half the screen and put the old school menu back on. Turned on the Administrative Tools option.
worked with this for a few days.
Technically I have had problems when my RAM was increased over 512 MB, but other than RAM I haven't had any other problems with hardware.
The software side of I've run in to problems with games such as Grand Theft Auto 2, I still have not been able to run Max Payne (although I do know of people getting it to work) chances are if it will not work under Windows 2000 it will not under xp.

If you want my opinion (which if you didn't why are you still reading?), there is nothing special about Windows xp except the look. So unless you absolutely HAVE to upgrade I'd suggest waiting.