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You might notice that through out my site you might notice that I repeat over and over again, "BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY!"  Well I finally decided I'd tell you how to do it. In case you did not know, your registry is what holds the largest part of the information about your computer and its software. That is why it is so very important to keep backups of your registry.
Method 1:  
First click start then run type:
then click Registry then
Export Registry File.
You will have a Export Registry File window open name the file and ensure that near the bottom of the window under Export range All is selected.
Next locate the directory you would like to save it to. Finally click Save.
 To back up from this file boot your computer into Safe Mode and double click on the file to write the old registry over the new.
Method 2:
This involves copying specific files.
User.dat and system.dat that are located in C:\Windows. 
For a technical description follow the link below.