There are three methods to resolve this problem.
Method two causes some problems when visiting sites such as Hotmail and using some programs such as IE, Outlook, or Remote Assistance. Method one is best for XP Professional users. [Of course they work wonderful together (what I did)] The Method Zero is the way to annihilate MSN messenger from you system -- just remember you can't get it back.

NOTICE: I've seen that with some of the new Hot Fixes the Add/Remove ability is available.

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HyeForum on Help with MSN Messenger


Method 0 The Best and most productive method of removal. This is the Removal method.
Method 1 Used to prevent MSN Messenger from starting no matter what (though does not "uninstall" MSN Messenger).
ONLY FOR XP Professional
Method 2 This is the more complicated way, yet removes (for the most part) MSN Messenger.
This method alone can cause problems with Hotmail and MS related programs.