Viruses and Worms


Virus / Worm

Description Solution
Erkez.D or Zafi.D Pretty recent Mass Mailer Erkez Removal Tool (Symantec)

 Lirva (Avril) The most recent in a growing list celebrity tribute virii.  Lirva Removal tool (Symantec)

So Funny
So Funny (version 2) **coming soon**
A wonderful AOL password stealer. If you are running AOL it might be a good idea to read this (when it's up) So Funny Removal Tool Version 1.0  (DruiD628)

 Klez New variant of an old virus  Klez Removal tool (Symantec)

 Goner  This worm is used to basically allow for someone to use your bandwidth for a denial of service attack on someone. 
Worm is spread through email with subject line "Hi"

 Goner Removal tool  (Symantec)

 Nimda This is a VERY Amazing Worm it is not only a extreme nuisance to everyone including the owner of the machine it also requires a format to be FULLY rid of it  Nimda Removal tool

 CODE RED (I & II)  Code Red (I, II and Code Blue) were all an annoyance to the world. It's malicious intent is was very straight forward. In my opinion Code Red was only a test run and a gateway for the Nimda.  Code Red Removal  (Symantec)
 IIS Patch (Microsoft)

 W32.MAGISTR This is a virus that has recently come across my desktop -- ( a new one to add to the stash) -- It's pretty fowl mouthed and very DEADLY (will be up soon) 

 SirCam A very common widely spread virus/worm that has sent out thousands on thousands of personal documents to people... infecting the recipients with the virus then in turn sending out MORE personal documents. (Also will be up very soon)