Removal Tool:
So Funny Removal Tool Version 1.0 By DruiD628 {dot} Com
This Removal tool is for THIS version of the So Funny Worm.

Use at your own discretion. I am not responsible if this application messes up your computer. Nor am I responsible if you mess up your computer after you use it and just feel like blaming me. This DOES work to remove msdos423 version of the So Funny Worm. The So Funny Removal Tool v 2.2 will be available in the middle, 2005. Version 2.2 will fix both version of "So Funny." Please check back for updates.

Also Known As

AOL.PWSteal.86016 (NAV)
I-Worm.Menace (AVP)
So Funny Worm
So Funny Virus

If you are an AOL user this applies to you. If you ever happen to run upon a program called SoFunny.exe  DO NOT OPEN IT! This program will send out your password to the following disabled mail account:

If you have already run this program, don't feel bad all will be good!  I will help you fix it :-)

If you have already opened it you should have seen a message like the one to the right.
Upon opening this file "SOFUNNY.exe" a file was created named "msdos423.exe" that sends your password out.  Now Lets tell you how to clean it out!
For starters search for the following files on your computer: SOFUNNY.exe, msdos423.exe, and Love.exe. If found delete next using MSCONFIG.  Under the Startup tab search for msdos423.exe and uncheck it.

This virus also exists under the name microsoft420.exe.


Next using Regedit locate:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

You will find the "msdos423" value in the right pane, delete it.
As a final step run your Anti-Virus again just to be safe.
That should take care of the SoFunny Worm.

Don't forget NOT to open Attachments from strangers.
If you receive a questionable attachment from a friend don't be to afraid to call and ask to ensure it is legit. This will help prevent any future virus and worm problems.