Viruses and Worms

At some point during my technical life I latched on to this fascination of viruses (virii) and worms. I often get referred to as a copy cat due to the character in the movie The Net that collects viruses. I do have two ideas to explain this interest in viruses.

1.  When I first began really experimenting with computers I wanted to be a cracker and write viruses.
2.  My freshman year in high school there was a virus incident that caused a huge stir and technological anorexia in my local village.

My interest has turned into a obsession I collect viruses for the greater good such as this page. It helps me to help people remove them and HOPEFULLY prevent future infections. I've even begun learning *Crosses self * Visual Basic in order to help better understand VB Viruses and to assist in creating fixes. I had started a mailing list called Virus-Track to help those subscribers keep up to date of new viruses and worms as well as their respective fixes. BUT My hosting company did something and now it's gone! >:-O


Virus / Worm

Description Solution
Lirva (Avril) The most recent in a growing list celebrity tribute virii.  Lirva Removal tool (Symantec)

So Funny A wonderful AOL password stealer. If you are running AOL it might be a good idea to read this So Funny Removal Tool Version 1.0  (DruiD628)

 Klez New variant of an old virus  Klez Removal tool (Symantec)

 Goner  This worm is used to basically allow for someone to use your bandwidth for a denial of service attack on someone. 
Worm is spread through email with subject line "Hi"

 Goner Removal tool  (Symantec)

 W32.MAGISTR This is a virus that has recently come across my desktop -- ( a new one to add to the stash) -- It's pretty fowl mouthed and very DEADLY (will be up soon) 

more viruses...