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Configuring SSH2

SSH Vulnerability Notice

In this lesson you will learn how to configure and install SSH2 daemon without SSH1.  The list of items you will need are to the right. 1.) ssh-3.x.x.tar.gz
2.) Your favorite caffeinated beverage
3.) Chinese food

First things first you must run configure; however certain things must be left out such the SSH1 daemon. Feel free to consume your pizza and caffeine

# ./configure\
 --bindir=/usr/sbin \
--sysconfdir=/etc/ssh2 \
--enable-static \

Next you must run make. Don't you think it's time that egg-roll had some soy sauce?

# make

Finally you are ready to install it. Put down the chop-sticks for a moment and type make install, and when it is finished you will have SSH2 on your box.

# make install

Of course if you really wanted to have ssh1 (but why would you?) just leave out the "without" options at the configure stage. # ./configure\
 --bindir=/usr/sbin \
 --enable-static \