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Viruses and Worms

Well ladies and gents, it appears thanks to the wonderful malicious code writers they have provided we in the tech industry with something to do... 
and here is how to go about fixing a few of these. 

Always remember to keep your virus patterns up to date.

Lirva (Avril) So Funny Worm
Pentagone W32.Magistr


Windows Tips

Windows.. well.. let's see what to say about Windows, I wish I could provide a trick to you for how to keep Windows from crashing, and really be running Windows, but I can't. So I am going to give you some tricks that I've found. Thundbird Update Problem (MozMAPI32.dll) vi for Firefox
Disabling Messenger Service Remove MSN Messenger from xp
Manipulating the Registry Backing up the Registry
KaZaA Network Supernode Patch Personal experience with XP
Desktop Inbox Removal Notice to RealOne Player Users


*nix Tips (Unix Flavor tips)

The majority of *nix tips will concern FreeBSD. One reason due to the lack of third-geek support for FreeBSD, a second is FreeBSD is my OS of choice, and I like that a demon is the mascot! 
(There will be support for other flavors of Unix such as Linux and HP-UX.) 
vi for Firefox DOS Line Terminators (^M)
Configuring SSH2  SSH Vulnerability
Compiling the FreeBSD kernel