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Personal Links

Site Description

One-Eyed Doll Awesome Band! Check 'em out!
ARS eCommerce My day job.
World of Warcraft The Greatest Game Ever.
ArmageTron Ever want to ride the light-cycles from Tron, well here's your chance (BTW: it's Free!)

Apparel Links

  Another way to overblow someone's mind with apparel
ThinkGeek Geeky Stuff VERY Cool
ErrorWear Wear your Computer Errors with PRIDE!
CopyLeft Geek Chic [This Site Is No More! -- and i miss it]

Informative Links

Sun Sun Microsystems! The coolest company in all the world.
Webopedia Webopedia is a wonderful Web-Encyclopedia
FreshMeat OpenSource Jazz :-) All kinds of things opensource
Google Yes it is a search engine but hey it's one of the best around
FreeBSD The Wonderful EXTREMELY Helpful FreeBSD Source
Java 1.5 API A helpful reference when java coding
Perl Monks Perl Resource provided by the whole world where we all meet in the Monastery
Spyware Database Spyware Database :: Removal Instructions (seems to have a very good compilation of SpyWare information)

Comics and other Just Stuff

UserFriendly Comics Great Geeky comic strip
GPF Comics Another great Geeky comic strip
Applegeeks This is a very enjoyable comic strip.
Red Vs. Blue Red Vs. Blue is a series based off Halo

Extreme Computing

NewEgg Not really  Extreme Computing but they have great deals!
Xoxide Awesome site for parts with awesome Prices
Directron COOL stuff!
Performance-PCs Performance Parts for your PC
CyberGuys cool gadgets and gizmos
ColorCases Great Supply of cases and cool parts