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KaZaA Network SuperNode Patch

This started as a simple Visual Basic Script to patch a computer loaded with KaZaA. It helps prevent kazaa from bringing your network to its knees. Now it is an Executable program thought it requires the MS .NET FrameWork. (available at http://msdn.microsoft.com)
Version Number  Notes


Initial release.


Executable Release
1.0.2 This version only checks to see if KaZaA is loaded on a machine and if it is, it checks to see if it is functioning as a supernode, if it is it corrects that problem. If the script finds that the machine is not functioning as a supernode it will exit. If it finds KaZaA is not loaded on the machine it exits. Made with Visual Basic Script
1.2.0 Made Executable; Disables SuperNode, File Sharing, and Optimal Bandwidth when computer is idle. Created with Visual Basic .NET
(Get the .NET FrameWork Here: