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My development experience has been in several different languages. The primary languages I use are PHP and Java, with a preference for PHP. Most development is done in a BAMPS environtment.

Most people are more familiar with LAMP environments. For those who are wondering what LAMP stands for:
With Linux as the Operating System (OS), Apache as the webserver, MySQL for the database and PHP as the language. BAMPS replaces BSD for Linux and adds the symfony PHP Framework to the environment.

Below are some old samples of things I have written long ago in a galaxy not so far away. Each link below was hand crafted by the hard working indigenous druid of Druid628.

Slytherin Theme This theme was created one night when I didn't have much to do but create themes. I liked it so I included it on my site. Theme created for BlackBox Window Manager.
DruiD628 Theme This theme was based off my website and favorite colors. It is a very basic theme utilizing the colors black and blue. Theme created for BlackBox Window Manager. *FM*
Mapstog Collects email addresses on a web page -- used to demonstrate how Spammers gather email addresses for spam lists. [Java]
Designer Template designer --Designer is only a temporary name-- used by Dalton State College [Java]
KaZaA Network SuperNode Patch for use in order to protect your network from being humbled by the almighty KaZaA. [VBS]
So Funny Removal Tool  By DruiD628 {dot} Com
This Removal tool is for the msdos423.exe version of the So Funny Worm.
  *FM* -- Featured on FreshMeat