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Designer was created during July 2002 as a project for my Programming in Java class I was taking under the instruction of Java Master David Cancelleri. It was created in order to solve a problem of non-uniform homepages for faculty and staff at the college. It will be implemented very soon hopefully.

Note: Designer is still an unnamed program which will have a name once I find a suitable one.

The first stable release of Designer will be 1.2.0.  Trust me you don't want the earlier versions, you might have lost your files. :-( However it is fixed and works now.  My intentions for later releases is to have an administrative back-end with a template editor, JSP front-end and other such wonderful toys. Until said time it will remain a single Java file with a HTML front-end.

Note: Link for code has been removed. Sorry!

Version Number  Notes
1.2.0 Tar.Gz file containing the .java file and the HTML front-end.