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Not so very recently now, it was brought to my attention that my website has a lacking of content in regards to me. For some STRANGE reason people would like to keep tabs on me and see what I'm up to... (sounded strange to me too).  Any ways here is what I think you need to know.

First I am just going to ramble about myself. I was born in the early 80's and unlike many people born during that time frame I do remember many things from my early childhood. I am an only child and with my mother being a teacher, I was around many people older than myself and observed much about everyone around me. Ever since that time I have been observant of all around me. My attentiveness provided me the awareness I needed to "pick-up" on computers. My super-hero ability, as I like to call it, allowed my progression to becoming a self-proclaimed genius.

My computer experience: 
I began at the early age of 4 when my parents bought a Commodore 64. My experience continued as I began to experiment with Macs and PC's a like. I learned through trial and error, Socratic method, and true trial and error (crashing a computer and have to start over).
  • Computing  (as if you couldn't already tell)
  • I have an eclectic taste in music, I listen to it all -- trust me I do.
  • I am an avid movie freak. Very big into movies of all varieties.
  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Studying folklore (especially Celtic and Vampire)
  • Avid X-Philie
  • Car performance and audio modifications
  • Role Playing Games, First Person Shooters and Strategy Games
Musical Interests:
Slipknot ICP


Hank Williams III Tool
Pantera KoRn White / Rob Zombie Presidents of the United States of America
Mudvayne Ozzy Grateful Dead Phish  Green Day
System of A Down Godsmack Powerman 5000  Mid 90's Rap  Crash Test Dummies
The Allman Brothers Band Any Techno specifically:  Goa-Trance

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